Baptism is such a beautiful thing. We believe that baptism is not essential for salvation, but it is beneficial. Just like wearing a wedding ring when you are married, it tells others that you are taken, that you belong to one already.  Baptism, in a similar fashion, represents our commitment to the Lord that is seen by others. If you don't wear a wedding ring, it doesn't mean you aren't married, but it becomes harder for others to identify you as married. When we get baptized, it shows the world and others that we belong to Christ. 


Easter Baptism 2021

In the Frigid Columbia River at Walla Walla park, we had 3 men get baptized. Even in harsh conditions, we were honored to see these men show their love and commitment to Jesus Christ. As the old song says, "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back!!"