Calvary Chapel Crossroads Mission

The camp is located in Malaga, WA, about 6 miles south of Wenatchee. The grounds are on 7 acres of land and feature 2 dorm buildings, a kitchen/Dining room building, a swimming pool, large open field and a chapel that fits up to 80 people.

Please fill in the form below to make a reservation, or call the church office at (509)888-7771 for any questions


4402  Dixie Lane, Malaga, WA 98828
* Please Note: From Memorial Day Weekend until after Labor Day, we will not be accepting applications for single day use. You may call our office for more information, however, multi-day use groups will take priority during this time of year. 

Reservation Form

Camp Reservation Form

*Please Note: This form will only temporarily reserve the dates for a two week period. You will need to fill out the contract below and send that in with a $150 deposit to reserve your dates.
** From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we will only accept applications for multi-day events. We will only accept single day events during this time with the following condition:  within 2 weeks of the event if the dates are available.

Contract- Please download form, print, and mail in with deposit